Boris Khaykin is a comedian and rapper living in Brooklyn, NY. This is his blog. is his website and @HardcoreBoris is his twitter.


Last Night may be a fictional web-series, but the gang’s party lifestyle is very real. Real Parties of Last Night sits down with the cast and crew of the show to hear their real life party experiences. This week, we asked Boris, who plays his own namesake character on the series, to tell us a…

Hey this is fun. The April fools video I made for is featured on FunnyOrDie’s Youtube page!

Two Sketches on FunnyOrDie Frontpage

This is cool! Two sketches I created are being featured on the front page of FunnyOrDie today.

Curtis’ Corn, which stars the lovable Josh Sankey:

And the Montage of Hall & Oates making a montage song, starring David Carl and Erick Hellwig:

Here’s a brand new sketch I wrote/edited/directed starring the hilarious Joshua Sankey! (‎)

DP’s by my brother Feliks Khaykin no less!

BCAF Spotlight: Boris Khaykin

Here’s a fun lil’ interview where I pretend to know stuff…



The Fifth Annual Boston Comedy Arts Festival sweeps through Boston and Cambridge September 3rd - September 8th.  Last week, I was able to connect with many of the performers involved in this years festival.  With a little more color on what has lead him to Boston this week, here’s Boris Khaykin!

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Here’s the premier episode of LAST NIGHT, a web series I’m in with some awesome people! The first 2 are out today and there’ll be a new one every monday for the next few weeks!



EPISODE 1 - The Number (featuring Caroline Cotter)

New episodes every Monday!!!

1 Million Views!

Pretty stoked that as of last night, the Google Glass Photographer sketch Alex Khurgin and I made for Grovo hit 1 million views!

A commercial I directed!

Hey gang! Here’s a commercial Alex Khurgin and I made for the new website, Pokster. It also features Anna Callegari and Justin Grace so check it out and sign up if you like it!